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        產品名稱:YT41200 Flexo
        規  格:

        YT41200 Flexo Printing machine
        This flexible printing machine is suitable for printing such packing materials as polyethylene,
        polypropylene bag, glass paper ,film,and paper etc.
        Performance and characteristic:
        1)Easy operation, gentle starting, color printing accurate.
        2)The meter counter can set printing quantity according to the requirements, stop the machine
        automatically at the
        3)Air operated rise and fall printing plate drum, after fluctuation printing ink automatic
        4)The net grain drum passes on the ink, the black color is even.
        5)Reliable dry system, coordinate high-speed operation, engine off automatic abruption.
        6)360 degrees continuously adjustable longitudinal to flowered installment.
        7)Frequency conversion velocity modulation, adaptation different printing speed.
        8)On the version roller seat and receives on material to be loaded with the spot to move and
        the pause button, is advantageous for when the justification operates the machine.
        Main Technical Variables:
        Max. width of substrate
        Max. printing width
        Range of Printing length
        Max. diameter of mate
        rial roller
        Printing speed
        5 to50m/min
        Plate thickness with tape
        Total power
        Machine weight
        outline diameter
        1. With thick foundry casting frame, without vibration even in high speed operation.
        2. Obverse and reverse side printing possibility.
        3. High speed design drying system
        4. With anilox roll for even ink supply (60-1000 LPI)
        5. With inverter to control the printing speed
        6. With air-shaft fixed to Reminder and Unwinder
        7. Automatic tension controller By magnetic powder brake system.
        9. Anilox cylinder:¡é105mm
        9. Inverter controlling.
        10. Edge position controller for guiding web
        11. Repeat printing length cylinder  191mm.914mm.
        12. Automatic hydraulic control for plate cylinder throws off when machine stops.
        13. A motor allows continuing the rotation of the anilox roller and inking roller when
        machine stops.
        14. Easy arrangement of printing plate and micro adjusting device for easy color registration
        15. Ink circulation pump (optional)
        All pictures and technical specifications are for reference only. The model depend on actual

        Contact:Michael Choi

        TEL: 0086-577-88617680


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